Question from Cass
Was there any scene that you filmed that you really liked that didn't make it into the final cut of the film?

Jeremy Sumpter

The ending scene where Peter comes back to get Wendy but she has grown up.

Question from *Sarah*
Question: Did you enjoy the finished product of "Peter Pan"?

Jeremy Sumpter
I loved it. The film looked beautiful and I'm really proud to have been a part of it.

Question from Mr. Critic
Is it true you slashed Jason Isaacs' nose during a fight scene? How did it happen?

Jeremy Sumpter
It was his upper lip and I did it on purpose, hahaha. Not really. Yes, it did happen, it was an accident. Both of us had to turn into each other at the same time, so we couldn't see each other at the start. On "action" I turned a little faster than Jason and he didn't get the block up in time and the sword smashed into his face and knocked him down. He took a few minutes to get the feeling back in his face and then insisted that we finish the scene. He's a real pro.

Question from BritishGiggles
Where there any jokes or pranks on the set of Peter Pan?

Jeremy Sumpter
One day we were practicing a flying scene, I was on wires. They hoisted me up about three feet and let me sit there while they all threw glasses of water all over me. It was really funny and they got me good.

Question from xo Luv xo
While filming Peter pan how was it being on the harness basically the whole time ? Was it fun ?

Jeremy Sumpter
It was great fun and I enjoyed it but at first it was really painful. After awhile you get used to it and it is the greatest thing in the world.

Question from xOx cHiCaGo BaBy xOx
...sooo J, how bout that leaf costume? wut was your impression wen u first realized wut u had to wear?

Jeremy Sumpter
I thought it was the coolest costume in the world since I haven't seen a costume like that before.

Question from rachael johnson
Peter pan is my ultimate favortie movie and i was wondering what was the hardest scene in the making of peter pan?

Jeremy Sumpter
The scene with the mermaids because it was really hot and humid, the lighting was really intense and it gave me a migraine headache.

Question from Anarchy
After playing a demanding part of Peter Pan, how do you think you have developed as actor?

Jeremy Sumpter
It's always great to experience new directors and new actors and I always learn something new from each one. I hope it helps me in the future.

Question from jeremysluva
hey jeremy,
i tink ure a great actor and pretty gorg too and my question is how do you cry in da film so well??? are they real tears.......lots of luv becky!

Jeremy Sumpter
I've had to cry on camera before and the crying is much easier to do on camera than laughing. There were some great crying scenes that didn't make the final cut.

Question from Dory
What's the craziest thing you ever did on the set of Peter Pan?

Jeremy Sumpter
Picked up a poisonous baby brown snake at lunch time. The producers weren't very happy with me.

Question from i~luv~jeremy~4~eva
What did u say and think when u found out that there was a kiss in the movie??

Jeremy Sumpter
I thought cool once I found out I wasn't kissing Hook, lol.

Question from Candice
Your birthdays soon, what is on your birthday list?

Jeremy Sumpter
A new surfboard is always on my list.

Question from Emma
Did you meet any of the other "potential Wendies"? What did you think of them and how did they compare with Rachel?

Jeremy Sumpter
I auditioned several Wendies in Paris, Sydney and Melbourne. Rachel screen tested with one other girl on the set on the Gold Coast. Some of them were very good but Rachel was definitely Wendy.

Question from Allison Grace
If you could make a re-make of any movie which one would it be?

Jeremy Sumpter

Question from bugg14
To you, what is the most important aspect of life?

Jeremy Sumpter
Always do your best.

Question from LLexi
What is your peter pan costume made of?

Jeremy Sumpter
Leaves, toad skin and vines.

Question from super_girl007
Hey Jeremy! What is something you have always wanted to do but have never been able to?

Jeremy Sumpter
Fly an airplane.

Question from Kayla
If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?

Jeremy Sumpter
I'd like to take batting practice with Barry Bonds.

Question from Dominica
What are your favorite bands/singers?

Jeremy Sumpter
My favorite band is the Beatles and my favorite singer is Tom Petty.

Question from LollyPop2
Do you get to spend a lot of time with your family? What kind of stuff do you do together?

Jeremy Sumpter
My dad and I surf all the time. The whole family likes to go to the movies, we like to travel, we are always ready to explore new things.

Question from blue*eyes08
Do you ever wish you could just go back in time and live the rest of you life as a regular kid in Kentucky?

Jeremy Sumpter
No, I like my life as it is now.

Question from KaDoe
You said that you like the movie Twister, what has been your most exciting severe weather experience?

Jeremy Sumpter
Kentucky is full of big lightening storms all summer and once we had a tornado that blew through our neighborhood.

Question from .:*:pIv:*:.
What was ur first acting job??(i love u! i'm ur biggest fan!that sounds kinda chessey but it's true!!)

Jeremy Sumpter
My first acting was "Frailty" in which I played Adam, the youngest of two brothers.

Question from Believe_in_Fairies~Grl
Being home schooled, do you ever wish you could attend regular school?

Jeremy Sumpter

Question from KTP
What kind of car do you want once you get your drivers license?

Jeremy Sumpter
I want to have a Mercedes or a Jag.

Question from Reanna
Was it a good experiece working with Danny Glover in "Just A Dream".

Jeremy Sumpter
Danny Glover is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. That was his first film as a director and he did a great job.

Question from Matt
Will you act for the rest of your life or are you thinking of going to college? Because by the looks of your biography you sound smart.

Jeremy Sumpter
I hope to act for the rest of my life.

Question from Anni : )
What was the best thing about Australia?

Jeremy Sumpter
The people.

Question from ~Stef Loves JS~
How was it like working with Jason Isaacs? Did u guys get along from the start?

Jeremy Sumpter
Jason was another nicest guy you'll ever meet. We had a great time working together. He's very competitive on the golf course!

Question from caribabi61616161616
what other career would you like to take on?

Jeremy Sumpter
Director or pro golfer.

Question from xOx cHiCaGo BaBy xOx
Hey jer, i noticed during "peter pan" on capt. hooks door it said "captain JASON hook"... its cool how jason issacs left his mark on the set... is there any kind of mark left by you that we can look out 4?

Jeremy Sumpter

Question from Pan's lost girl
When you auditioned for Peter Pan, were you fairly confident that you would get the part?

Jeremy Sumpter
I'm always hopeful I'll get the part and I always try to be confident.

Question from Pan's lost girl
Were you always interested in acting, or did something/someone in particular get you interested?

Jeremy Sumpter
I've been interested in acting for a long time.

Question from Kate
Hey, I just wanted to know if you are really going out with Rachel Hurd-Wood.

Jeremy Sumpter
No, Rachel and I are really close friends.

Question from PsychoFroggy91
How do you feel about all the fans that are crazy over you?

Jeremy Sumpter
It feels great, I love it.

Question from gYmBaBiE
Have you made any new best friends that you keep in contact with on the set of Peter Pan?

Jeremy Sumpter
I am still in contact with Rachel and Spike Hogan who is the director's son.

Question from BURBANK BABY 14
hello Jeremy!!
since you are turning 15 soon, do you think you will start taking driver's training? or are you too busy with acting?

Jeremy Sumpter
I'll get my permit next year.

Question from tootles
Do you have any regrets about acting, not being able to go to a regular school, things like that?

Jeremy Sumpter
Nope, I love what I'm doing.

Question from dancinfoo33
Whats the highest you had to hang with wires while shooting Peter Pan?

Jeremy Sumpter
4 stories

Question from dancinfoo33
If you had three wishes what would they be?

Jeremy Sumpter
To be able to fly, to be able to do anything I want to and to own a mountain.

Question from Amber
Jeremy, describe yourself in one sentence.

Jeremy Sumpter
I'm very athletic.

Question from sooperstar001
How did they make your wounds when facing Jason Isaacs **captin hook**?

Jeremy Sumpter
The makeup artists were excellent. In fact they gave me some tips and I did my sister up as zombies for Halloween.

Question from Abbie!
Hi Jeremy!! Who was your favorite person to work with while making Peter Pan?

Jeremy Sumpter
Everyone was great, I had lots of fun with everyone.

Question from thunderlove89
What would be a daily schedule for you, when your not filming?

Jeremy Sumpter
Swim in the pool, sleep in and go surfing or golfing.

Question from kAaLyElEa
Jeremy, What type of movie are you interested in doing next (drama,action,comedy etc.)?

Jeremy Sumpter
Drama or comedy.

Question from dori
do you have any fears?

Jeremy Sumpter
I have no fears.

Question from Jorden
How has it been for you since Peter Pan came out? Do people just come up to you saying "hey you're peter pan!"?

Jeremy Sumpter
Yes, all the time.

Question from *Amber*
Do you think that you are at all like Peter Pan? If yes, how so?

Jeremy Sumpter
I am a lot like Peter Pan because I am very energetic.

Question from Heather
How often do you reply to your fan mail?

Jeremy Sumpter
When I have time.

Question from Dory
What was the hardest thing you had to learn on the set of Peter Pan? Was it a)your lines b)how to fly in the harness c)swordfighting d)your school work, or e)other (p.s. don't you love multiple choice?)

Jeremy Sumpter
Learning how to fly and sword fighting.

Question from goodygoody
Who is your biggest influence?

Jeremy Sumpter
My dad.

Question from Dory
Do you get nervous when doing interviews?

Jeremy Sumpter
I never get nervous.

Question from ~B.N.W~
How has being in a big time movie affected your daily life?

Jeremy Sumpter
I can't go out in public as much as I used to.

Question from Tinkerbelle
Do you find it easy memorising your lines?

Jeremy Sumpter
Yes, it's very easy. That's one of the things I do best.

Question from Bee
What would be the most extreme thing you would dare to do in your life?

Jeremy Sumpter

Question from ....::::Samantha::::....
What is the most important thing in life to you?

Jeremy Sumpter
My family.

Question from Charleh
What do your friends and family thing about your success so far?

Jeremy Sumpter
They think it's great. They're behind me all the way.

Question from RealDirector04
Hi Jeremy! If you had the chance to direct, which director would you direct with, and what kind of film would you make?

Jeremy Sumpter
I would direct an action-romance.

Question from Julia
What do you plan on doing for your birthday?

Jeremy Sumpter
I'm not sure right now.

Question from *Leanne*
I heard you have a fascination with storm clouds, are you still?

Jeremy Sumpter

Question from Anarchy
How did you feel when you got the part of Peter?

Jeremy Sumpter
I felt very excited.

Question from Anarchy
What was PJ Hogan like to work with?

Jeremy Sumpter
He's a brilliant director and I want to work with him again.

Question from cass
Hey Jeremy, I hear you like to play baseball, well I play softball, and I was wondering what position you like to play?

Jeremy Sumpter
Centerfield, pitcher, shortstop.

Question from jeremy~luvya
What has been your favorite character to play in a movie so far?

Jeremy Sumpter
Peter Pan.

Question from sexylexie
Do you have any new years resolutions?

Jeremy Sumpter



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